YEI EconClubs

Take your economics club to the next level.

What are YEI EconClubs?

YEI EconClubs is the premier high school economics club program for students who want to supercharge their economics journey. Whether you're a student hoping to start a new economics club or already have an existing club, YEI give you the resources to focus less on the logistics and more on the economics.


Why Join?


Whether you're a new club just starting out or a pre-existing club wanting to join, Youth Economics Initiative will provide you with invaluable resources including our comprehensive AP/IB Economics club curriculum and our FLIP Personal Finance club workshop guide.


Take advantage of the Youth Economics Initiative's network of leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs. You'll meet Nobel Laureates, business leaders, and top professors while forming connections with like-minded students who are passionate about economics.


Join a community of problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders. By joining YEI, you join a movement towards empowering students with economic literacy and uniting economics clubs throughout the world.


Beyond club resources and mentorship, the YEI offers a variety of exclusive events, including EconBowl, EconOlympiad, EconTalks, leadership conferences, and more.

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