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The YEI holds 60+ Modules of Curriculum + An Interactive Learning Portal that facilitate learning of various topics very conveniently. Through the use of our comprehensive AP/IB Economics club curriculum.

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With the help of the YEI you can build your own professional network.


Speaker Events with recognized speakers from the fields of economics such as professors from top universities and entrepreneurs can give a direct insight into the econ world.


Career and College Fairs allow students to diversify and learn about various branches and job opportunities in these fields.


Connect with thousands of students worldwide in discussions on economics, competitions and events to develop your skills in the field and share opportunities.

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The YEI helps students start their own clubs worldwide. Participate in our semi-annual leadership conferences, SELC and WELC. Each conference offers our student leaders the opportunity to connect with other motivated students in the YEI family, attend leadership workshops from industry professionals, and better understand YEI and the resources we offer. SELC & WELC are also home to our Semi Annual Keynotes which outline new opportunities and initiatives YEI is launching.

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