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Empower students to learn outside of the classroom

Supplement student’s learning with advanced material

The YEI holds 60+ Modules of Curriculum + An Interactive Learning Portal that facilitate learning of various topics very conveniently. Through the use of our comprehensive AP/IB Economics club curriculum.

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Why Join?

Help students find their passion for economics

The YEI through a network of other student passionate about learning economics, motivates new members to connect with other passionate Economics educators.

Instill student’s with leadership qualities

YEI Chapter leader can have the opportunity of becoming regional ambassadors or directors for their state and be involved in the expansions sector of the YEI

Simplify the process of starting an Economics Club

With three simple steps, you can establish your own regional chapter of the YEI.

Open a pathway for student’s to explore economics in the future

With increased exposure to economics, careers, and a network of students, members of the YEI are exposed to a myriad of opportunities for their futures in the field of economics.


YEI’s Financial Literacy Introduction Program (FLIP) is the service arm of our organization. Through FLIP, our members are empowered to educate their community on Financial Literacy with our comprehensive curriculum and support network.

Transform student’s learning into real world impact

The FLIP curriculum gathers vital tools for the advancement of students worldwide by teaching personal finance in a new and interactive way.

Empower students to be financially responsible

FLIP is able to guide students through important lessons that are vital to have a financially stable future.

Bring competitive opportunities to students


Connect your students with professionals


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Enrichment outside the classroom

YEI gives students the opportunity to learn economics beyond the classroom setting.

Different platform than in the classroom
The YEI differs from traditional classroom learning on economics, by providing an interactive and comprehensible platform where you can learn remotely.
More discussion
Being such a diverse and vast network of people, the members of the YEI can have the opportunity to have more discussions with other members.
More on current event
YEI uses relevant topics to teach and expand discussions in order to engage students in the modern world.

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