YEI’s Financial Literacy Introduction Program (FLIP) is the service arm of our organization. Through FLIP, our members are empowered to educate their community on Financial Literacy with our comprehensive curriculum and support network.

9-Module Middle School Curriculum

Seeing the need for financial literacy exposure at earlier stages in the school system, the FLIP team, led by Saqib Saiyed and with Alex Xie as the curriculum designer, has worked to develop this 9-module Middle School Financial Literacy curriculum for free use around the world. This course has no requirements or prerequisites, so feel free to start your financial literacy journey with these lessons! For more in-depth FinLit learning, schools can use our 16-week High School FLIP curriculum below.

Preivew of Curriculum

16-Week High School Curriculum

While EconClubs must apply to be accepted to our FLIP program, every YEI EconClub is provided with the 16-week FLIP curriculum, which can be used to teach club members about financial literacy. The FLIP curriculum has approximately 30 hours worth of content and covers topics such as budgeting, loans, credit and debit cards, 401(k), retirement, interest, savings, investing, and insurance. retirement, interest, savings, investing, and insurance.

Preivew of Curriculum


Financial Literacy Introduction Program

YEI EconClubs have the unique opportunity to apply to offer a Financial Literacy Introduction Program (FLIP) within their community. EconClubs accepted to FLIP will be paired with a partner nonprofit organization to deliver financial literacy workshops to underserved youths.

Additionally, YEI will provide FLIP-affiliated EconClubs with year-round FLIP training sessions, our extensive 16-week FLIP curriculum including activities and post-session resources, and PVSA-certified volunteer hours for any members who volunteer with FLIP.

In order to ensure we are delivering high-quality workshops, participation in FLIP is limited to YEI EconClubs. If you do not have a YEI EconClub at your school, you may apply to start one here.

Financial Literacy Introduction Program

Developed in Partnership With

Bank of America Better Money HabitsStanford Mind Over Money Student AffairsPersonal Finance @ DukeStart Now Press

Application Criteria

EconClub applications for FLIP are evaluated on the following criteria. Apply for FLIP with this form.


History of club excellence


Club involvement with YEI activities


Experience with service and tutoring


Club volunteer capacity