The Youth Economics Initiative is proud to present our flagship program, EconBowl 2021, in collaboration with the Wen & Yung Family Foundation!

This competition offers high schoolers the chance to compete against like-minded individuals and apply real world economics knowledge in a fast-paced environment. Compete for glory, represent your high school, and win cash prizes!

Registration for both the Team and Individual Track will close on November 10, 2021 at 11:59 PST (UTC−8). The competition will be held on November 13, 2021


EB 2021 Recap

Thank you to our 310+ competitors and proctors!

On November 13th, 2021, over 310 competitors applied their economic knowledge and competed virtually for the chance to earn cash prizes and become Champions of the 3rd Annual Econbowl. It was amazing to see such passion for economics from all across the world. Whether this is your first time hearing about EconBowl, or if you’re already a seasoned competitor, we look forward to seeing you next November!

Recordings: QuizBowl Round Team Round Individual Track Speaker Seminar

3rd Annual EconBowl Podium (Team)

#Team NameSchoolMembers
1The EaglesEnloe HighChirag B., Riddhik B.
Derek Z., Sam I.
2VinkBASIS ScottsdaleEmily C., Ritvik R.
Tanish G.
3AmogusLand O' Lakes HighAllen H., Hannah B.
Arossa A., William S.
4Macro MindsThe Harker SchoolSaahas K., Anirudh K.
Daniel F., Rohan R.

3rd Annual EconBowl Podium (Individual)

#Individual NameSchoolSchool
1Cameron DolbowCameron DolbowCameron Dolbow
2Zev van ZantenZev van ZantenZev van Zanten
3Grace LiuGrace LiuGrace Liu
EconBowl recap
Lawrence White

About the Speaker

The speaker for our Third Annual EconBowl is Professor Pascual Restrepo, Assistant Professor of Economics at Boston University.

Professor Restrepo received his Ph.D in economics from M.I.T., and his work has been published in the American Economic Review and Journal of Political Economy, among various others. His research focuses on the impact of technology on inequality, labor markets, and growth, and his talk will specifically examine the impact of automation on employment and the economy.


What's New?

In a step-up from the past two years, two different competition tracks are now open to EconBowl competitors: Team & Individual. Please keep in mind that you have the option of participating in the team track, the individual track, or both! To ensure that all competitors are on a level playing field, teams will only be competing against individuals. Seperate prize pools, which are now larger than ever, have been established for each track!

Cash Prizes (Team)

2nd Place
3rd Place

Cash Prizes (Individual)

2nd Place
3rd Place

Competition Structure

The Written Round

Team Track

For the team tracks, competitors will have 1 hour to collaboratively complete 50 questions. Each team will submit only one exam.

Individual Track

For the individual track, each competitor will also have 1 hour to finish 50 questions. No discussion or collaboration is permitted, and each person must submit their own test.

The QuizBowl

(Only for Team Track)

The top 4 teams

It's a battle for the top! The top 4 teams from the previous round will finish off their opponents in a quiz bowl competition.

Who will win?

The team with the most questions correct after 19 questions are exhausted, wins!

Preparation Resources

Take our practice tests (3 total practice sets) to prepare for the competition. For more resources, we’d suggest the YEI curriculum, other AP prep material, or National Economics Challenge sample tests.

If you have any questions, message in the YEI Discord, or email!

EconBowl 2021 Sponsors

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