EconBowl 2020-21 was a success!


The Youth Economics Initiative is proud to present our flagship program, EconBowl 2020-2021, in collaboration with the Wen & Yung Family Foundation!

This competition offers high schoolers the chance to compete against like-minded individuals and apply real world economics knowledge in a fast-paced environment. Compete for glory, represent your high school, and win cash prizes!

EB 20-21 Recap

Thank you to our 330+ competitors and proctors!

On November 8th, 2020 with around 100 teams and over 330 competitors applied their economic knowledge and competed virtually for the chance to become the 2nd Annual Econbowl Champion and earn cash prizes. It was amazing to see such passion for economics from all across the world. We hope to see you there EconOlympiad (spring 2021) and EconBowl next year (fall 2021)

Recordings: QuizBowl recording Professor White’s talk on Anti-Trust

2nd Annual EconBowl Podium

#Team NameMembers
1Elau MuskGrace Liu, Evan Ai
Frank Xiao, Anna Hsu
2SandwichEthan Lau, Maggie Guan
Kyle Shi
3Toga 1Andy Chen, Sajiv Shah
Nila Mishra, Marcus Kuo
4This isn't OSBJonathan Huang, Jonathan Qin
Richard Niu
EconBowl recap

Preparation Resources

Take our practice tests (3 total practice sets) to prepare for the competition. For more resources, we’d suggest the YEI curriculum, other AP prep material, or National Economics Challenge sample tests.

Lawrence White

About the Speaker

Our speaker for EconBowl is Professor Lawrence White from NYU Stern (the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business).

He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University and now holds the Robert Kavesh Professorship in Economics. His primary research interests are financial regulation, antitrust, and applied macroeconomics. He will come talk with us at the end of the written round.

Cash Prizes

2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place

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