The Youth Economics Initiative is proud to present our 5th Annual EconBowl, in collaboration with the Wen & Yung Family Foundation!

One of the only economics competitions during the fall semester, EconBowl offers high schoolers the chance to compete against other like-minded individuals and apply real world economics knowledge in a fast-paced environment. Represent your high school, compete for glory, and win cash prizes!

Registration for EconBowl has closed. Please email for any further questions.

Cash Prizes

2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place

Competition Structure

The Written Round

The Exam

During EconBowl, teams of 3-4 will have 60 minutes to collaboratively complete 60 questions. Each team will work together, and team captains will submit one exam on behalf of the entire team.


The top 8 teams

We will invite the top 8 teams of the written round to the QuizBowl tournament. There will be 19 questions, split into non-calculation and calculation problems.

Who will win?

The team with the most questions correct will be champions of this year’s EconBowl!

Preparation Resources

To prepare for EconBowl, we recommend that you check out our custom-designed practice tests (3 total practice sets). For more resources, we’d suggest the YEI curriculum, other AP prep material, or National Economics Challenge sample tests.

If you have any questions, message in the YEI Discord, or email!

This season of Econbowl is sponsored by The Wen & Yung Family Foundation

Wen and Yung Family Foundation+EconBowl

Interested? Signup!

Please make sure that you and your team meet all eligibility requirements before signing up for EconBowl. If you have already registered, please DO NOT submit this form a second time. Email if you need to make any changes to information previously submitted (team roster, email address, etc).


Each team must consist of 3-4 high school or middle school students (U.S. grades 6-12 or equivalent in your country). ONLY your team captain should be filling out this form. The team captain will also be the one submitting the written exam on the day of the event.

By registering and entering, you and your team members are agreeing to receive emails from the Youth Economics Initiatives regarding EconBowl, as well as future events and competitions.

* If a name submitted is deemed inappropriate, it will be replaced with a number.

Team Captain

Teammate #2

Teammate #3

Teammate #4(Optional: leave blank if you do not have a 4th teammate)

How did you hear about us?

Integrity Contract

This contract is to help us insure the integrity of the competition. Thank you in advance for adhering to the guidelines below.

My teammates and I will not use external resources during the exam. This includes:

  • Searching the internet
  • Using written notes or textbooks
  • Communicating with people that are not on your team

Additionally, There will be proctors cycling through the rooms. For proctoring purposes:

  • Have your camera on through the exam. Your camera should be angled so that the proctors can see your arms and hands
  • Keep your microphone unmuted
  • Do not have any notes or other material out
  • Have you phone face-down in the camera view
  • There should be no typing
  • The captains should have their screen share of the test on throughout the exam (Written Exam)
  • Rules specific for only one portion are marked at the end of each bullet point. All other rules apply to both the QuizBowl and Written Exam.

Violation of this contract may result in point deductions or disqualification.

If for any reason, you or your teammates are unable to follow these guidelines as stated above, please us know by sending us an email at

By signing below, you are agreeing to this contract on behalf of yourself and your entire team.

Frequently Asked Questions