YEI’s EARN program connects students with research and internship opportunities in finance, economics, and business, through a singular centralized application.


Economics Achievement and Research Network

EARN is a highly selective program for members of YEI affiliated EconClubs who are truly passionate about economics and want to gain real-world experience. EARN leverages YEI’s connections to match motivated students with economics internships at top universities and companies.

After passing a rigorous application process conducted by the YEI EARN team, students will be added to a prospective intern database that is available to our partner organizations. From there, EARN students may be contacted by these organizations with internship opportunities.

Note that being accepted to EARN does not guarantee an internship position. All EARN applicants must be affiliated with a YEI EconClub. If you do not have a YEI EconClub at your school, you may apply to start one here.

Economics Achievement and Research Network

Why Apply?

Program Benefits

EARN provides economics students with opportunities to real-world experiences as well as access to a valuable community.

Think of EARN like a common application for economics internships. Instead of cold emailing hundreds of professors and companies, EARN applicants apply to dozens of internships at once through a single application.
Real-world experience
EARN is one of the only programs that offer high schoolers the opportunity to gain real-world work experience, whether that’s assisting a professor with research at a world-class university or working as an intern at a top company.
By joining the EARN program, you’ll become part of a curated community of highly motivated economics students. EARN members will have the opportunity to expand their network by connecting with fellow economics enthusiasts, researchers, and interns.


What Makes a Great Candidate?

EARN applications are evaluated on the following criteria. Apply for EARN with this form.



We’re looking for students with the skills necessary to take on challenging research positions and internships.



Do you push yourself out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to work hard and take on challenges?



Research assistants and interns often work in group environments. Do you work well with others? Are you a team player?